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PostSubject: Tyria   Tyria I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 02, 2018 10:04 pm

Tyria 769px-NW3rdPortrait

Personal Information

Name: Tyria
Race: Earthling/Human
Home PLanet: Earth
Gender: Female
Age: 21


Overall: Tyria is five foot seven and weighs one hundred and thirty five pounds. She has extremely long green hair wrapped into a braided ponytail. She's slim which makes her agile when it comes to ambushing and sneaking around. Her eyes are lime green as her skin is light with a slash scar running across her neck. She wears a long black furred cloak with a hoodie and a one piece leaf-like outfit under it. She wears handless armored sleeves and very high kneed armored stalkings that reveal the heels and toes of her feet.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Face Claim: Rena - Elsword


Overall: Tyria is a very... confused person, in a sense that she doesn't know who she is. She stands in between the heart of a hero and the blood of a villain. For now, she's a loner who lurks within the shadows and sneaks about within the knight. She's a very secretive person who only keeps to herself. Tyria doesn't like talking about her problems because that's just that: her problems. Her problems are only for her to worry about and no one else. After what happened between her and who she thought was her respected mentor, trust became a weary topic for Tyria to handle.

When Tyria does encounter a crowd that wants to work with her, she would take immediate control. She sees herself as a leader when it comes to situations she familiarized herself with, and therefore calls the shotguns in bossing people around. When it comes to her following directions, she would often go on about it in her own way while still completing the goal. People may not like on what she does, but to her she justifies it by saying that the job has been done, regardless of what the results were.

Tyria is a very calm woman, but can easily snap if she's tempted just enough, to the point where her patience wears thin. She's not the nicest girl around, but she has manners if that counts as anything. She treats people how she's being treated by them, but harder. If they're nice, then she'll be nice too... with a bit of an attitude she doesn't mean to add. If someone's being an asshole to Tyria, then she'll have no problem unleashing her sailor mouth habit. She doesn't look for trouble, but will give it when necessary.

Tyria is blunt when it comes to her opinions. They may even come off as harsh. Although she lies when necessary, she's down to earth and is willing to give advice, even if it appears as rude. Tyria sticks to her word and never lets anyone down lightly. In her defense, she sees it as feedback whenever she criticizes someone. They can either take it with a grain of salt or "talk" to Tyria about it. She may be an asshole, but she's at least an honest one... to an extent.

Tyria seems very laid back, but in reality she can be very strict. She rarely cracks a smile and rarely laughs. She's sometimes called a bitch for her "unfriendly" attitude, when really for Tyria there's nothing to smile or laugh about. Meeting someone was nothing to be happy about in her case. She keeps things professional at all costs, even in a casual environment. It would take a lot to break down her steeled armor, but it would take the right people (if not person) for her to reveal her true self.

Her true self is a scared little girl hiding behind a fake persona that displays true bravery, toughness, solitary, coldness, and being a risk taker when necessary. Tyria is scared for the future. She fears she'll never find her father or extract her revenge. Deep down she wants help. No, she needs it. But again, it'd take a lot for her to actually admit it to just one person, or at least expressing it the way she wants to or even talk about her problems in a direct manner. Topics like that are considered sensitive to Tyria.


- Being alone
- Hunting
- Nature
- Drinking
- Sometimes smoking
- The night


- Annoying people
- People who get in her way
- Crowds
- Mercy


- To find her father
- Extract revenge on Lucia
- Find the clan base
- Rebuild the Empire Swords


- Never finding her father nor Lucia
- Failing her goals
- To find her clan base


History: Tyria was born into a clan of warriors known as the "Empire Swords", a name that makes them known for being extremely skilled in swordsmanship, relying on the blade of their swords to fight for them rather than using their bodies. That's not to say that the entire clan is weak in hand-to-hand combat, but instead used to utilizing the sharpness and the weapon's direction to their advantage. There were different "classes" each person within the clan has that depended on their skills. Those who excelled with just swordsmanship alone were called Saber Knights, and those who were able to implement ki into their attacks were called Energy Knights. Tyria, as expected, was an Energy Knight.

Tyria began training at six in order to become more skillful as she grew up. It was considered a tradition in the clan. Her mother, Eve, passed away due to natural causes, so it was just her and her father, Chung. Chung was a respected man within the clan and was the grandson of the founder of the Empire Swords. Because of this, there was some fame that brought him and his daughter within their clan. He was a strict man who expected the best from his daughter, despite her being very young at the time. In the end, he still holds great love and care to Tyria regardless.

As a child, of course she would struggle to get used to swinging a pole around that was heavier than she can handle at her age. This was a way for her to try and get used to lifting heavy things so when she gets older, she would become stronger and stronger by the years. Tyria would often complain that she didn't want to train and wanted to play. She wanted to go outside and have some time for herself, but her father didn't allow it. He wanted the best for her, and that is to carry on the tradition that is forever locked in this clan, which is to become a swordsman and become the best this clan has ever produced.

When Tyria reached fifteen, she became exceptionally good. She was no expert yet, but she was able to defend herself against a low class swordsman. Not that high for her skills, but it was progress. For most of her life, Tyria was forced to train under her father. This caused her love for him to decrease, only speaking to him when she has to train and nothing more than that. She would often go outside to get herself some fresh air and socialize. The more she went out and delayed her training, the more infuriated her father became.

Her father grounded her from having friends and socializing with the outside word. From now on, she would train with her father at all times no matter how tired or upset she was. As expected from a teen like Tyria, she was furious with her father's decision and decided to run away. The only thing she did take with her was the sword given from her father. She didn't take it because she wanted to remember him by something. Not at all. But it was because if she was going to run away, the least she could do is defend herself from any potential threats as she would live on the streets.

But luck was by her side... kinda, as she ran into a woman who also happened to be a very skilled swordsman. She went by the name of Lucia who was also apart of the Empire Swords. Well, not anymore. Lucia left because she wanted her own identity and didn't want to go by as a skilled member of the clan. She wanted to be known outside of her clan. Tyria didn't take Lucia too kindly as Lucia was apart of the Empire Swords, regardless if she left or not. She assumed she was here to take her back to her father.

But Lucia wasn't. Tyria decided to take her word since she didn't show any signs or motives to take Tyria back to her father. Instead, she wanted to train her under her wing with the exception of giving her the freedom her father restricted her from. Tyria hesitated for a moment before she blindly accepted the offer. What got her was the freedom her father never gave her. Did she have regrets taking it? Probably, but she could only hope that what she did was worth it.

And so it was.

Tyria received training that was far more superior than her father's own. The stance, the techniques, they were all becoming clearer to Tyria and becoming vast improvements. To her, Lucia was a better master than her own father. In just five years, Tyria was halfway up to Lucia's skills but could be considered better than the majority of the clan. This gave Lucia the perfect opportunity to give her her first "mission", and that was to return to the clan. Tyria of course was confused and knew that this was all just a trap to get her back to her father, even though Tyria has greatly improved since her encounter with Lucia.

When Tyria refused, Lucia took it lightly. But her actions differed from her words. Lucia flashed out a dagger with a blade covered in thick black liquid. Before Tyria even had time to react, she felt the dagger pierce though her chest and right into her heart. Tyria would've dropped dead to the ground with blood gushing out of her chest, but what happened next was the opposite. Tyria's hair and eyes turned black. Her eyes were soulless; they had no sense of emotions whatsoever. It was as if she was being controlled.

Except she was being controlled.

Lucia and Tyria returned to the clan base and began slaughtering every single member that came at their way. Tyria was under Lucia's control with no sense nor awareness of what she was doing. She was only doing what she was told by Lucia, who was her master at that moment. The number of clan members began to plummet with screams and shrieks of air filling the air. These screams were enough to summon Chung out in the battlefield and discovered Tyria was with Lucia, a traitor of the Empire Swords.

Lucia was Chung's sister who tried to overthrow the clan by assassinating Chung long before Tyria was born. The two settled it out in a battle before Chung claimed his victory and spared Lucia's life and banished her from the clan. Chung should've known that a "traitor" like Lucia would abduct his daughter and turn her into her minion. There was no use in trying to convince Tyria to snap out of it. She was already under Lucia's spell. The only way to stop Tyria was to kill Lucia. It was the only way to save the clan.

But instead of Lucia fighting Chung, she made Tyria fight his father. Chung didn't want to kill Tyria, but the least he could do was injure her enough for him to get to Lucia. When the two clashed, Tyria's level was far beyond Chung's level. It only took Tyria a few minutes to cripple him. Multiple slashes all over his body, specifically his chest, and blood running down to the ground. It was to the point where Chung couldn't get up from the blood and lay there in pain as his daughter was over him with a blade aimed at his heart. Chung did nothing but accept his faith and defeat.

When Tyria tried to kill her father, she hesitated as she looked at him right in his eyes. She was suppose to kill him. That was her order. But she couldn't do it, deep down inside her manipulated mind, she couldn't kill the man that helped her get into this world. As Lucia screamed to the teen to kill him, Tyria turned to Lucia with her sword high above her head and charged at Lucia, only to have her throat slashed open at speed Tyria couldn't keep up with from Lucia's attack.

Tyria fell to the ground as she held onto her throat, screaming in pain while trying to block the blood from leaking as much as she could. Lucia stomped her foot onto Tyria's chest as she aimed her own sword at Tyria's chest, prepared to puncture it in front of her father. Chung could only cry for Lucia to not kill his daughter and instead kill him. Of course Lucia ignored Chung and prepared herself to strike and end Tyria's life.

Tyria felt her heart slowing down and her vision beginning to fade. The last thing she heard was her father's cries before her hands were released from her neck and eyes beginning to slowly close. The last thing she saw was Lucia thrusting the sword to Tyria's chest, and the rest was history.

At least, that's what Tyria thought.

Tyria woke up, as she found herself in the Wastelands. Her hair and eye color returned to their natural state as she then quickly felt her neck. It was no longer bleeding, but the scar was and felt visible. Tyria had no idea what happened nor knew how long she was unconscious. It was as if she lost most of her memory. She did remember the last few moments before everything faded to black; her father bleeding on the ground, Tyria nearly killed, etc. But when she woke up, she felt as if she didn't know who she was or knew what her purpose was.

Tyria needed to find her clan base. She needed to figure out what happened and find not only her father, in case he's alive, but also Lucia. On the contrary to this, though, she can feel her murderous impulses thumping inside her.


Chung - Father - Unknown
Sayaka - Mother - Deceased
Lucia - Aunt/Ex-mentor - Unknown


- Health: 5
- Stamina: 5
- Speed: 5
- Ki Manipulation: 5
- Martial Arts: 5
Ki Pool: 200
Alignment: Neutral
Other Characters: None as of yet.
Referral: A nerd named Nanu.

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Spread Sheet
- Health: 5
- Stamina: 10
- Speed: 10
- Ki Manipulation: 15
- Martial Arts: 10
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