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PostSubject: Angels    Angels  I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 03, 2018 6:50 pm


Name: Angels
Home Planet: Master Kai's Planet
History: The Angels are revealed to be the attendants to the Gods of Destruction. If the God of Destruction they attend to dies, the Angel ceases to function until another Destroyer is appointed to them. However, if a God of Destruction and/or Supreme Kai are erased, such as by Zeno and/or Future Zeno, the Angel will continue to exist and be active as if nothing had ever happened. This is displayed when Mojito is unaffected by the erasure of Universe 9, including the gods Sidra and Roh, who were linked to him.

Angels have incredibly impressive intelligence, and have a considerable amount of knowledge regarding the world of deities, godly ki, and the intense training needed to ascend to their level, though far from being omniscient. As a result, Whis, being Beerus' mentor, has since taken the role of a martial arts instructor for Goku and Vegeta. Angels are also among the most powerful warriors in existence, as they are comparable to the Gods of Destruction.

Due to their power and role, the Angels usually refrain from directly involving themselves in a conflict or acting as combatants in any capacity beyond training unless strictly necessary, usually only acting to stabilize and calm down the Gods of Destruction. Also, Whis can use his Temporal Do-Over to rewind time in order to undo any excess damage caused by Beerus by mistake. They will also intervene if the life of a Supreme Kai or God of Destruction, specially the ones under their specific care, were to be threatened while under their watch.


Appearance: Angels appear as humanoid creatures with pale blue skin being their lightest this tone the cosmos is their darkest tone, white hair, golden, violet eyes, and various heights. Each have a blue halo around their necks, with the exception of Great Priest, whose halo floats vertically behind his head. Their clothing bares similarities to Zeno, while the patterns on their clothes resemble the Gods of Destruction they serve.

Their white hair, occasionally puffed sleeves and pastel skin gives them a striking resemblance to the Supreme Kais as well, giving Angels a strong visual link to all factions of the godly establishment. Some factions of angels differ in every way due to circumstances.

Unique Characteristics:
+ The Angels have the ability to possess unfathomable might, examples of that would be having power beyond the Gods of Destruction and creation skills similar to the Supreme Kais. So far, they have shown an assortment of mystical abilities like Warping, Magic Materialization, Divination, Healing and space-time manipulation.

+ Angels Possess Godly Ki (+ 25 To Ki Pool)

+ Unlike Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais, Angels have no need for sleep.

+ Have the ability to breathe in outer space

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PostSubject: Re: Angels    Angels  I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 04, 2018 1:31 pm

All techniques in the first ability must be registered and learnt, other than that Approved!
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