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 Race Creation

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PostSubject: Race Creation   Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:28 pm

Race Creation

Here players are asked simply to follow the template provided and post a separate thread titled with your Race name. Also, never forget that all applications must have staff approval before you can begin using them in Role-play. Also to answer the question if the race has a transformation it is registered as a technique in case you were confused.

(Image Insert)


Name: What is your race's name?
Home Planet: What planet is your race from?
History: Give us an idea of your race's story.


Appearance: Give a paragraph explaining your race's appearance to us overall.
Unique Characteristics: Does you race have any physical or biological characteristics we should know?

[center][size=18](Image Insert)[/size]


[color=#FF9933]Home Planet:[/color]


[color=#663300]Unique Characteristics:[/color]
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Race Creation
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