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 Tate Mystial

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PostSubject: Tate Mystial   Tate Mystial I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 04, 2018 4:38 pm

Tate Mystial Lucky-Blue-Smith

Personal Information

Name: Tate Adrian Mystial
Race: Saiyan
Home Planet: Earth
Gender: Male
Age: 17


Overall: Tate has a long and well toned body, having given his teen years nothing but hard physical work. Well styled white hair cascades to just a bit longer then the bottom of his ears on the top only. Dark brown eyebrown sit well groomed over very bright slate blue eyes. Because he is out in the sun a lot, his skin sports a soft tan, but he burns more then he tans. Muscle definition shows on his arms, in covered by anything but a tight white shirt. Dark blue jeans hug his lower half, showing muscle definition there as well. Medium brown boots are tucked under the hems of his pants. A small vial hangs from a thin silver chain around his neck. The vial holds a few hairs to remind him of his past and the one time he was weak to his races nature. Tate has no scars visible when in public, but he has a single scar from where his tail used to be. Otherwise his skin is pure from any and all other marks or designs. Sometimes, he wears a leather jacket over his shirt, only when he will be taking his motorcycle somewhere.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 159 lbs
Face Claim: Lucky Blue Smith


Overall: Tate is far from being sex driven like men his age. In truth, he is a very nice and gentle guy unless he is being disturbed over something he finds beneath him. Being very orientated in a set routine finds him comfort but it also makes him predictable to anyone who wants to work against him. Also, he loves to stay clean, to the point he has an obsessive compultion to keep clean. Would rather rely on himself instead of others, at least then he would feel like he wasn't a bother to anyone or feel let down.
Likes: Sunlight, sweet tea, running, weights, poultry, broccoli, cheese, water, sea food, natural supplements, schedules, structure, training, lemons, pineapples, strategy, rain, cleanliness, hard work, manual labor, setting new records, motorcycles
Dislikes: Moonlight, coffee, red meat, cauliflower, carrots, soda, spicy foods, fried foods, animals as pets, digital entertainment, family, laziness, free time, drugs of any kind, fats, alcohol, chocolate, potatoes, carbonation, storms, snow, vermin, bugs, rodents, mess, robots, angels, demons, gods, men, little kids, music, stink, foul odors, evil, ghosts, vehicles,
Motivations: Competition, reaching the next level, winning, self improvement, proving people wrong
Fears: Failure, losing, being beaten, being a bother to others, his family or lack of


History: For the beginning of his life, Austin blamed his son for the death of his wife Meridith, saying he was the spawn of death. From that point, Austin took the bare minimum of parenting when it came to his son. Under these circumstances, Tate was raised without the love he should have been and grew to hold hate in his heart. At age ten, Austin left one day and never returned to his son. It was around then that he cut off his tail at the base then found and stole an attack pod to shot off to planets unknown. From that point on, Tate had no one to care for him. It was then, he steeled himself against everyone and anyone who could even try to come close to him. Upon arrival on earth, he stole hair dye and dyed his hair to fit in and hide his true race. Being a kid on the street only caused him to get picked up and taken to an orphanage after he told authorities that his father abandoned him. Every so often he would cut his hair and keep it dyed white, so no one would feel like he was too different. In school, a coach picked him up for sports, quickly realizing that he would be better off in hand to hand areas. Something that he was a natural at. Outside of school he found a mixed martial arts class and took up training there a few days a week. By sixteen he was well decorated in the martial fighting world that many opponates his age wouldn't take him on again. The stressful mess of training and working out helped center him from the anger that came from being abandoned by a father who could care less. At seventeen, when he was too old to be adopted, he struck out on his own finding someone who would let him rent off of them. Trading out his weekends for a demanding job, was the easier choice then staying in school. Nights and weekends were left for training and competitions, while days were devoted to his job. Eventually he bought a motorcycle to travel for work and pleasure, only to ever find it surrounded by women after he returned to it. That annoyed him, but he enjoyed some of the attention for once.
Family: Austin Mystial - Father (alive), Meridith Mystial - Mother (Deceased)


- Health: 5
- Stamina: 5
- Speed: 5
- Ki Manipulation: 1
- Martial Arts: 9
Ki Pool: 200
Alignment: Neutral
Other Characters: N/A
Referral: Fenrir
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PostSubject: Re: Tate Mystial   Tate Mystial I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 04, 2018 4:41 pm

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Tate Mystial
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