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 Planet Creation

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PostSubject: Planet Creation   Planet Creation I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 15, 2018 6:29 pm

Planet Creation

Here players are given the option to register planets, there are 3 reasons to register a planet besides the initial planets the RP will start with: Purchase a Planet, Conquer a Planet or Wish for a Planet via Dragonballs.

(Image Insert)


Name: What is your planet's name?
- Appearance (Outer Space): What does your planet look like from space?
- Appearance (Terrain): What does your planet look like from the surface?


History: Give us an idea of your planet's story. (If wished for or bought you can ignore this because 1 it was either created by a wish or you bought it and don't wanna know what happened to the original inhabitants)
Location: Where in the galaxy is the planet located? (North, South, East and West Quadrant)
Native Race: What race is the original inhabitants on the planet?

[center][size=18](Image Insert)[/size]


[color=#FF9933]- Appearance (Outer Space):[/color]
[color=#FF9933]- Appearance (Terrain):[/color]


[color=#663300]Native Race:[/color]
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Planet Creation
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