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 Weapon Creation

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PostSubject: Weapon Creation   Weapon Creation I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 16, 2018 8:36 pm

Weapon Creation

Weapons are used in order to give characters a lethal advantage, however all weapons must be registered and their cost will be based on the weapons attributes. Weapons have 2 attributes, Damage (Which determines the weapons damage output) and Health (Which determines the weapons ability to withstand attacks). Below we will explain the attributes:

Damage: It works like techniques, there are several levels and they are:Level 1 - 5 damage, Level 2 - 10 damage, Level 3 - 15 damage, Level 4 - 20 damage, Level 5 - 25 damage

Health: Weapons have health pools that never reset, this allows for breaks to occur and weapons to not live forever giving it realism. Weapons health pools are also divided into levels that are: Level 1 - 200 Health, Level 2 - 300 Health, Level 3 - 400 Health, Level 4 - 500 Health, Level 5 - 600 Health

Each level costs 500 Zeni and for every ability you want your weapon to have it costs an additional 500 zeni.

Name: What is your weapons name?
Type: What type of weapon are you registering?
Health: What level is this health?
Damage: What level is the damage?
Range: What type of distance does the weapon have?
Appearance: What does this weapon look like?
Abilities: Does this weapon have any special abilities?

Cost: How much Zeni is the weapon?
Requirements: Does it require anything special? (Race Specific? Character Specific? Etc..)



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Weapon Creation
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