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 Armor Creation

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PostSubject: Armor Creation   Armor Creation I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 16, 2018 8:48 pm

Armor Creation

Armor is something character may want to register in order to help protect themselves or in order to add a certain look to their group/alliance. Armor has a "health" pool known as armor rating, the armor rating does not reset after every battle meaning armor can be broken. The Armor Rating is based on level:
Level 1 - 200 Armor, Level 2 - 300 Armor, Level 3 - 400 Armor, Level 4 - 500 Armor, Level 5 - 600 Armor

Each level costs 500 Zeni and for every ability you want your armor to have it costs an additional 500 zeni

Name: What is your armor named?
Coverage: What does this armor cover? (Torso, Head, Arms or Legs?)
Level: What level is your armor
Armor Rating: What is your Armor Rating?
Appearance: What does this armor look like?
Abilities: Does this armor have any special abilities?

Cost: How much Zeni is the armor?
Requirements: Does it require anything special? (Race Specific? Character Specific? Etc..)

[color=#FF9933]Armor Rating:[/color]

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Armor Creation
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