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 NPC Creation

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PostSubject: NPC Creation   NPC Creation I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 17, 2018 8:06 pm

NPC Creation

Here players are allowed to register NPC's for any number of reasons be it pack mule, henchmen, things of that sort. NPC do require Zeni and are able to go anywhere the player wants not restricting them to their players side, in the event the player dies the NPC becomes hire-able by another player thus becoming their NPC or disappears leaving no trace. NPC's are also not able to train and increase in power, however they can be used in training as sparring partners. They also do not receive their own accounts and are controlled by the account of the character who paid for them. NPC's have 5 levels each costing a different amount and giving different benefits, the levels, price and power will be provided below:

Level 1 - Cost: 500 Zeni - 15 Stats - 100 Ki Pool - 2 Techniques

Level 2 - Cost: 1,000 Zeni - 30 Stats - 200 Ki Pool - 4 Techniques

Level 3 - Cost: 1,500 Zeni - 50 Stats - 300 Ki Pool - 6 Techniques

Level 4 - Cost: 2,500 Zeni - 75 Stats - 500 Ki Pool - 8 Techniques

Level 5 - Cost: 3,500 Zeni - 100 Stats - 900 Ki Pool - 10 Techniques

(Image Insert)

Personal Information

Name: What is your characters name?
Race: What race is your character?
Home Planet: What planet is your character from?
Gender: What gender is your character?
Age: How old is your character?


Overall: Give a paragraph explaining your character's appearance to us overall.


Overall:  Give a paragraph explaining your character's personality to us.


- Health:
- Stamina:
- Speed:
- Ki Manipulation:
- Martial Arts:
Ki Pool: Starting ki?

[center][size=18](Image Insert)[/size]

[color=#FF9933][size=16][b]Personal Information[/b][/size][/color][/center]

[color=#FF9933]Home Planet:[/color]






[color=#006600]- Health:[/color]
[color=#006600]- Stamina:[/color]
[color=#006600]- Speed:[/color]
[color=#006600]- Ki Manipulation:[/color]
[color=#006600]- Martial Arts:[/color]
[color=#006600]Ki Pool:[/color]
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NPC Creation
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