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 Job Creation

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PostSubject: Job Creation   Job Creation I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 18, 2018 4:11 pm

Job Creation

Jobs are a way for players to make Zeni, besides any tournament that may be held. Jobs have 5 different levels each which pay different amounts of Zeni and require different word count to complete. If players work together on a job then the word count can be split between them evenly and the reward is given to both players in the full amount.

Level 1 - 500 Zeni - 500 Words
Level 2 - 1,000 Zeni - 1,000 Words
Level 3 - 1,500 Zeni - 1,500 Words
Level 4 - 2,500 Zeni - 2,000 Words
Level 5 - 5,000 Zeni - 4,000 Words

If players want to register a personal job then they must pay out of pocket to the one performing it.

Name: What is the name of the Job?
Level: What level is the Job?
Location: Where is the Job located?
Word Count: How many words are required?
Reward: What is the reward?
Repeatable: Can it be done again?
Description: What is the task the Job requires?

[color=#663300]Word Count:[/color]
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Job Creation
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