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 Primal Power (Training)

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King Tarble

King Tarble

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PostSubject: Primal Power (Training)   Primal Power (Training) I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 25, 2018 9:28 pm

With the Royal Army currently running well and Sadala in ship shape, Tarble decided to master an aspect of the Saiyans lives they all shared. During his times battling on the planet versus his kinsman, Tarble released this untamed power only one time. During that battle he had lost his first tail reverting his body to normal, however during the event Tarble despite not having control, he was able to feel his power increase dramatically. Some stated during the event young Tarble had increased in power nearly five times his normal strength, the cost was Tarble's mind as he struck down his own father who he had been named after and favored very much. Knowing that power lay inside him Tarble sought to gain mastery of his 'Beast within' and rule the kingdom with out waver. Tarble stepped out into the center of the training field he had built inside the city walls, his mind clear as he stood his feet apart and his arms by his side limp with no tensing. His brown furry monkey tail unwrapped from his waist line and began to flicker from base to tip as Tarble focused his Ki into his primal instincts, it was rather sudden that his tail seemed to pulse with Ki and his body followed pulsing along with it. The ki increased creating so much pressure with in he began to scream a white aura burst around his body as the fur garments shredded from around him as his size doubled from his original size, His eyes first lost their pupils leaving a white eye behind. His teeth grew sharper and his fangs grew long as he gritted his teeth, brown fur began to sprout from his body as once again it pulsed and doubled in size. Now his white eyes turned a glowing red as his body pulsed aggressively and maximized his size to a giant ape monster standing in the center of the training grounds, the beast was no longer Tarble but a wild ape with the strength to level his home world. It stood on its hind legs looked to the sky pounding its chest and howling the sounds of wild monkeys, though inside a whole new thing was happening.

With in the beast was Tarble who was in a dream like state, to take over this beast he would need to wake his self and that was a task much easier said than done.In this state of sleeping Tarble's mind can detect his power and life force however, he is completely rid of control on his body leaving only dreams in his head. The first opened as a bloody battle field littered with Saiyans from a war he had been in quite sometime ago, the difference was his father was there yelling at a beast before him. Yelling to the beast the name, Tarble. It was him on the day his father died this Table would make a difference running on to the battle field with his father, they looked to one another before confronting the beast together. Tarble flew towards the beast at his maximum speed ducking beneath a swat aiming a full powered punch between his eyes, the impact knocking the beast back and his father sweeping his legs. The beast fell on it's back the two Saiyans flew up together extending their right arms and releasing a full power ki blast together it rattled through crashing into the Ape, landing with their backs turned talking the his father spoke "Son, this is where things change. For good." Then a purple ki wave engulfed his father obliterating him the only thing he saw left was his fathers grin before he was disintegrated before him. In a rage Tarble spun around extended his right arm and holding his hand at a 90 degree angle, his words rang out as the Ki blast of maximum power carved its way through the air "I run things now, You will fall beast!" The impact of the blast sent the beast crashing back and falling on to its face, it turned back to the young Tarble that it had possessed leaving him laying there. It was then that Tarble awoke inside the beast on planet Sadala the dream state over, he felt things better and decided to take control. Tarble the ape swung his hands out and began to look around just as Tarble wanted, his body and this form were in his grasp and under control. With his ape like body and power under his control he had but one task left, Tarble needed to undo the transformation thus figuring out how to fully understand his power.

clinching his massive fists Tarble looked to the sky and closed his eyes, his focus unwavering as he tried to suppress the enormous power with in his self. With the power he had shown in his Great Ape form, Tarble knew he could help maintain power in the Saiyan kingdom. With his focus pushing his power inward forcing the compact size of his human body to form from the Ki inside, Tarbles massive body began to shrink back towards his original form. His fur began to disappear as the snout began receding back in to his humanoid face, his muscles began growing thinner as he shrunk in size with every beat of his heart. It wasn't long and Tarble had returned to his Saiyan form, but exhaustion set in and he fell to his knees panting as sweat dripped from his skin. The form had a cost to the user as it drains stamina the longer it was activated, the results leaving the user feeling drained. Tarble stood gathering some extra clothing he had brought to the training grounds and dressed his self once more, now with a full grasp of his true Saiyan power he proceeded to his throne a new power at his whim. With every step from the field Tarble never took his eyes of his goal, Planet Sadala, The Royal Army were to make their mark on the universe as a super power. To him the pride of the Saiyan race was going to be known and feared in this galaxy.

[1,024 Words - Great Ape TransformationLearned - 5 AP]

Spread Sheet
- Health: 5
- Stamina: 10
- Speed: 10
- Ki Manipulation: 15
- Martial Arts: 10
Ki Pool: 200
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God of Destruction
God of Destruction

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PostSubject: Re: Primal Power (Training)   Primal Power (Training) I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 28, 2018 6:37 pm

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Primal Power (Training)
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