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 Bleach Roleplay

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PostSubject: Bleach Roleplay   Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:43 am

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Why you should join, in one word


That’s right, Bleach: Online World is a roleplay on which there are endless possibilities once you get accustomed to the system. On there, you will be left with so many options that you should enjoy your time not for months, but for years to come.

What you can expect to find

Bleach: Online World is a bleach-themed alternate universe roleplay, featuring 12 different races and 2 sub-races along with several factions to make things truly interesting. On top of this, an interesting and constantly-evolving plot is there for those who wish to participate, which even allow interactivity between the sides of each race. The site also have an effective staff which works hard for both the website and every member’s well-being, and care about the opinion of others. In overall, the forum is worth the time to visit!

System’s inner-workings

Bleach: Online World is using an effective, yet simple stat system. Numerous stats and skills are there to define the limits of a character in order to make it fair, as well as enjoyable, for everyone. These limits can then be affected to your desire throughout your roleplay, based on rewards awarded with paragraph-counts. However, this basic system does not restrain you in any way from the position you aim for; indeed, it is possible to start at mostly any rank from the beginning, given that your character meets the requirements. Those who work their way up, though, will of course earn additional rewards, making both options fairly viable ones.

Who this is addressed to

Bleach: Online World is mostly a mid-tier roleplay forum, which require good paragraph lengths. For this reason, having some experience in roleplay is certainly a good advantage when joining, though it is in no way necessary. Indeed, our site is easily able to offer support for beginners, both from its caring and experienced members as well as from the staff which is attentive to everyone’s needs. All in all, this website can therefore be said to be available for anyone who wish it, with supportive features for those who needs them.

The benefits to your roleplay

Bleach: Online World’s community is one where everyone’s enjoyment is a priority, but it is also one which bear a good amount of incredible roleplayers. As such, no matter your skill level, you should get a run for your money and be able to improve your skills while on here. Furthermore, this community is a friendly one in which you are likely to form long-lasting friendships, and form strong bonds with persons from truly various nationalities. It is, of course, also a location where you will be able to have fun and relax.

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Bleach Roleplay
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