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 Great Ape!

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PostSubject: Great Ape!   Great Ape! I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 30, 2018 3:45 pm

Peace.  Peace was not a word Fenrir often enjoyed, many times even despising the very idea.  But Peace, as it is, is a necessary flaw in the universe, preventing constant war and the eventual annhilation or domination of all species in the universe.  While he was fully aware of this, Fenrir still refused to believe that all problems could be decided by peace.  If a predator lives in peace with his natural prey, then he will starve to death.  This case grants the advantage to the weak, making them believe that peace is the best way.  Fenrir saw it from the perspective of the predator.  If the two lived without peace, the predator eats the prey, and the prey hides.  This allows the predator to thrive in their environment, and the prey can often scrape by hiding in their little holes, as it should be.  This was how it is on Sadala, albeit slightly less eating and more simple beatings.  If a lower class saiyan so much as looked at Fenrir in a way that displeased him, then Fenrir would simply beat the fool into unconsciousness in front of his peers.  If they insulted him, he would remove a limb.  Assault, and they die.  This was simply the way it was here, and throughout the rest of the universe, peace giving way to the natural order of things as races such as the Saiyans dominate both their own planet and space, crushing any of the weaker races, the PREY.  Now, while this was all fine and good, what happened when two predators met?  Would they simply fight and see who is more powerful?  Of course not, that's too risky.  What if one is slightly stronger, and wins while sustaining fatal wounds?  Then you have two dead predators and a bunch of prey running around ruining what the predators had.  So, rarely, Fenrir found peace to be necessary, and sometimes even enjoyable.  Such was the case with meditation, the only form of peace Fenrir partook in regularly, and which he was taking part in today.

Sitting atop his perch, the peak of a small mountain not far from the capital of Sadala, Fenrir was focusing intently on his breathing.  While this may have seemed strange to an outsider, most of those who had seen him training or before fighting know that this was simply how he prepared for any potentially stressful situation.  Meditation allowed him to empty his mind and focus entirely on the task at hand, promising maximum efficiency.  Suddenly, his eyes shot open and a grin spread across his face as he stood to begin his training.  Today would be for a strange ability of the saiyans, one that seemed to naturally occur from the most ancient reaches of their history, many even considering those who could control it properly to be the true elite of the Saiyan race.  Fenrir was determined to become one of these fabled warriors thorugh hard work and training here today.  Removing the suit from his upper body and the shoes from his feet, Fenrir closed his eyes once more to envision what he wanted to achieve.  In his mind, he saw himself growing and changing, becoming more animalistic as fur grew all over his body.  Soon, he no longer saw himself, but a vision of pure terror in the great beast he pictured, red-eyed and powerful, destroying everything in it's path.  Once again, Fenrir opened his eyes and smiled, this time with a new determination to gain this ability.  By the time he left this mountain, he would be able to become one of the true Saiyan Elite: a Great Ape.

Reaching his hands out in front of himself, Fenrir began to gather energy.  Well, gather is the wrong term.  Rather than gathering it from an outside source, he was focusing his own, causing his body to glow a dull red.  As he continued to focus his energy, small particles of dust and dirt began to rise from the area around him, as well as his own hair gently lifting off of his head, humming with energy.  Suddenly, Fenrir felt as though something had broken inside his body, losing his concentration and the buildup of energy.  His glow disappeared, his hair returned to laying down on his head, and the dust had vanished on the wind.  Falling to his knees, Fenrir went to reach for what had been in pain, but he quickly found that he couldn't find, or even remember, what had been hurting.  It was as if he had felt the pain, but not due to any injury to his body.  Had he managed to somehow hurt his Ki?  Perhaps simply trying to push himself past his current limit wasn't the best way for him to train this technique, and he should find something else to help him.  Standing back up, Fenrir dusted himself off before returning to his training.

Standing with his hands raised to the sky, Fenrir quickly pulled them to his sides, keeping his elbows and knees bent as he once again begain gathering energy.  As it did before, the dust around him begain to rise into a sort of cloud, obscuring his vision as he screamed with primal fury.  If he couldn't train by simply focusing the energy, perhaps he should simply BECOME a beast before transforming.  Standing straight as his screams reached a new height of volume, Fenrir's eyes slowly became red, his hair lengthening as he began to expand.  The rest of his body was soon covered with hair as well, now even with that of the hair on his head, and his clothes were torn beyond recognition, and soon fell to the ground, mere tatters of a once beautiful suit.  Fenrir continued to grow until he was far larger than before, even leaving shallow imprints of his feet when he took his first step.  Not quite used to the new body, he had trouble walking, almost falling over at first, but soon became comfortable with the new form.  Grinning with delight at his newfound powers, Fenrir decided today's training was far from over.

Anyone standing at the foot of the mountain would be truly surprised, had there been any living creature in that area that wasn't used to giant monsters.  This happened to mean that while Fenrir charged down the mountain, all of the animals who would be scared of his figure would be gone before he reached the bottom.  This also meant that any creature willing to fight the Great Ape would be charging back at him before he reached the bottom.  The first of these creatures that Fenrir came across was a small group of reptiles, standing on two legs with razor claws and teeth bared at the Saiyan.  Roaring once again and shaking the ground nearby, Fenrir grabbed two of them by their necks, now tiny in comparision to his beastly hands, and threw one while crushing the other.  The crunching sound combined with the terrified shrieks of the flying creature were music to his ears, causing the grin to reappear on his face, now all the more horrifying due to his new face.  Fenrir quickly crushed the last two reptiles, simply smashing them with open hands, flattening them into the ground.  Turning back to face what other creatures were going to face him, Fenrir noticed all but one had disappeared, and it was now charging at him.  Unprepared, Fenrir was unable to stop the great creature, a strange horned quadroped, from ramming him, barely stopping the horn from entering his stomach with his hands.  While he had prevented the impaling part of the attack, he was still slammed into the mountain, his back cracking as he hit the solid surface.  Roaring with an intense rage at the damage he had taken, Fenrir began to mercilessly beat the beast in the head, pushing it back slowly.  While he was very good at hitting things in this form, Fenrir knew that he would be unable to use his fists for much, most of the damage being mitigated by the creatures tough hide.  Because of this, as soon as the beast was pushed back a few meters, he began unloading a barrage of ki blasts into it's head, causing it to let out a beastly scream as Fenrir laughed like a madman.  Soon, all that was left of the creature was it's horn, now being carried back to the top of the mountain by the great ape.  Upon reaching his perch once again, Fenrir sat down, allowing his ape form to return to his normal Saiyan body.  Leaning his head against the horn as he lay on the mountian,  Fenrir went to sleep, dreaming of razing planets with his newfound abilities.  Good times.  In his dream, Fenrir was currently tearing apart a planet filled with small people made of sugar and bread.  Perhaps he was growing hungry, and that was why his dreams wwent in this direction, or maybe he just really hated bread people.  Who knows.

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PostSubject: Re: Great Ape!   Great Ape! I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 30, 2018 4:42 pm

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Great Ape!
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