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 Great Ape Transformation V1

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King Tarble

King Tarble

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PostSubject: Great Ape Transformation V1   Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:37 pm

Name: Great Ape Transformation
Type: Transformation
Level: Level 2
Alignment: Not Required
Range: Self
Appearance: They appear like giant gorillas with baboon faces and a monkey's tail, standing 16 meters tall with a variable weight based on the Saiyan that transformed. The apes have glowing red eyes and sharp carnivores teeth, they also have large muscular limbs.
Explanation: This technique amplifies the users attributes by 3 times the original amount, however unlike the canon system the great ape transformation here is able to be performed by saiyans at will due to there being no way to tell when the moon is up on different planets. This technique does require training however, if one activates this transformation before training the player is not in control of themselves and a staff member will verdict who in the post your character will attack friend or not.

Word Count: 1,000
Other Requirements: Must be Saiyan, Must have Tail

Spread Sheet
- Health: 5
- Stamina: 10
- Speed: 10
- Ki Manipulation: 15
- Martial Arts: 10
Ki Pool: 200
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Flower of Heaven

Flower of Heaven

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PostSubject: Re: Great Ape Transformation V1   Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:03 pm


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Great Ape Transformation V1
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