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 Keminan The Demon

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PostSubject: Keminan The Demon   Keminan The Demon I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 30, 2018 9:51 pm

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Personal Information

Name: Keminan
Race: Demon Realm Member
Home Planet: Earth
Gender: Female
Age: 17


Overall:Over Keminan's short life, her body had been under intense training that most fighters would describe as unbearable. From weighted acrobatics to timed laps around the village, the girl's body had adapted into what it is today, a light footed killing machine. From a very young age, she could remember doing strenuous training while she watched others go about their normal childhood. It was a simple sacrifice for the almost masterful martial fighting skills she had been granted. Despite her immense amount of skill, she still receives scrutiny for being so short compared to the average demon her age, talk less of her own family members. Although Keminan cares little about the petty teases she receives from people, she does wish only to be a bit larger, knowing that those who are larger tend to have an advantage in battle. With age, Keminan begins to look more and more feminine and already has a seemingly 'attractive' figure.
Face Claim:Demigra


Overall: In a word, the pint sized powerhouse is simply flamboyant. With high confidence with in herself, she often goes around teasingly mocking others to her own amusement. Although she means no disrespect, she strongly believes that everyone needs a cautionary now and then to straighten them up and get them back in line when they begin to meander.

The sharp tonged demon takes her abilities with high esteem when compared to her human counterparts. Although she is not blatantly a show off, she does like to make it known that she is a skilled martial artist user on the battlefield. Through punches and kicks, the girl has been able to express best, and at times, she even surprised herself with her own capabilities. She does dislike it when she is challenged to do odd tasks because of the fact many know her for her physical prowess, or when one uses her as a tool to gauge their own skill. After all, she still is a person, not a thing.

With that said, Keminan knows her weaknesses. Despite being what would be a considered a 'martial prodigy', there are some obvious weaknesses she has, the most conspicuous of them being her height. Looking at her parents, one may not have thought that she'd end up being so short. She knows that she'll never be as tall as them, and hates getting reminded of this. With time she has grown into her skin, but still rues it when she hears the words 'shorty'. Her second most obvious weakness is the fact she has been unable to use Ki efficiently. Since she came to earth and began her training, she was found to be an utter failure at Ki manipulation, so she had been forced to rely on martial arts to pull her weight.

Despite the high levels of confidence she carries with herself, Keminan lacks what someone of her level of girth should have; friends. Some of it could be blamed on how the deomn has a tendency to say some rather harsh words. Another bit of it could be caused from the fact that Keminan would rather invest her time into training than socializing. Whatever it may be, the demon has begun trying to adapt to the slower and finer things in life.
Likes: She likes fighting, and learning about new races and their skills in combat, she likewise has a small thirst for knowledge about her own race in their entirety looking to expand her own limits
Dislikes: She hates being called short, and when people use her as a tool or means to a end. Along with that she hates swimming but will do it when needed.
Motivations: Fighting and getting stronger for her own sake.
Fears: Losing a battle and never having people she can call friends of her own.


History: The Martial Arts oriented Demon was born in the late summer on an average day in demon realm. The daughter of Mayu and Masako was born into a rather important family, she had been entitled to a plentiful amount of inheritance and several career opportunities, which had set stage for lots of potential. Graced with all these things, much was expected of her. In order to ensure the succession of their family's accomplishment, they made their daughter attend the most advanced of classes their money could buy even before most children had attended the demon teaching school.

Almost instantly Keminan had showed some promising results. She was everything her parents wanted her to be. The demon managed to learn a plentiful amount of things that even people several grades above her own would not even have learned yet. One thing she did take a great liking to was the history and geography of the human world. From then on, Keminan's attention began to deviate from the business like mindset what her parents solely wanted her to that of a fighter.

At the age of eight Keminan urged her parents to allow her to enter the fighters academy. Rather surprised by her pleads, they enrolled her, believing that it was just a phase in childhood and eventually she'd want out. After all it wasn't like Mayu and Masoto would actually let their only child really become a warrior for the demon god. Almost immediately after starting her martial training, Keminan had hit some hardships. She had failed to perform the simplest of magic, some of which her entire class had already learned. Not only that, but she had been mercilessly made fun of by the meanest of children. Her parents had expected that she'd quit by now, but much to their astonishment, it only seemed to propel her to work harder.

Making very little progress in magic, her teacher recommended that the red haired academy student turned towards martial arts. After being introduced to hand to hand combat, she took an instant liking to it. To her, it felt so much more natural, and her teacher couldn't help but think that she clicked so well with it. the only person who seemed blatantly uncomfortable with this was her father. Now that she had proven to be competent at something regarding fighting, it now seemed more likely that his daugther could pursue a career in being a fighter, something far from his own dreams for her. From then, animosity grew between the two. Causing her father to take her from school and send her away far away to Earth.
Family: None


- Health: 10
- Stamina:10
- Speed:15
- Ki Manipulation: 0
- Martial Arts: 15
Ki Pool: 200
Alignment: Neutral
Other Characters: none
Referral: n/a

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PostSubject: Re: Keminan The Demon   Keminan The Demon I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 30, 2018 10:37 pm

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Keminan The Demon
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