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PostSubject: Nanu   Nanu I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 31, 2018 5:15 pm

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Personal Information

Name: Nanu
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Gender: Female
Age: 20


Overall: What sets Nanu out from the average human female are two things: her hair and animal-like characteristics that would either deem her as an alien or a horrible mutation in her DNA. She has long pink hair that graciously rests on her back with length that stops near her tailbone, where her bunny tail is and sometimes hidden by her hair. She has a light complexion which compliments her icy blue eyes. Her figure is somewhat thin, but she still holds some volume and curve to it. Her height is the average female's own, while she looks as if she can be quick on her feet.

Nanu wears a kimono with its color scheme being black, white, and red. The kimono also has detached sleeves, exposing Nanu's shoulders (sometimes she wears another kimono with a similar fashion but different colors). The detached sleeves bottom also have pink pattered flowers that take up most of the bottom. She also wears black sleeves that only cover up the majority of her forearms. Nanu has on a scarf that matches the color of her sleeves. Nanu also has a skirt as her choice for bottoms which is mainly black with red vertical lines. Finally, she wears black knee high boots with red laces.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Face Claim: Yae Sakura from Honkai 3rd


Overall: Nanu is a very curious creature. She's always up for exploration and adventure; it's just in her blood. Though while she considers herself as a pacifist, she would always train and defend herself when necessary. She appears extremely laid back, but that doesn't exactly make her a nice person. Nanu does know common courtesy, so she isn't entirely disrespectful. Nanu also appears as well mannered and shy, but really she prefers to be alone. Nanu has been shown some discrimination due to her bunny characteristics, so it's no surprise she isn't a people person. She's full of sarcasm and being a smartass so trying to get under people's skin is a sport for her. However, Nanu knows who to mess with and when to start or stop.
Likes: Vegetables (mainly carrots), Soft things, Sleeping, Clear Weather, Sweets, Shrimp, Rabbits, Rain
Dislikes: Spicy stuff, loud noises, Rabbit Stew, Heat, Cocky people, Being lied to
Motivations: To live as long as she could while making a name for herself and to find her biological parents.
Fears: Never finding her biological parents, Death


History: Nanu never knew who her biological parents were, or at least recalled who they were. She remembered being left in a forest when she was just a small child. It wasn't long before a human couple who was camping found Nanu wandering around. She was lucky enough to be discovered after a couple of hours trying to survive on her own. She was only five when she was left in the forest, but was only there for a few hours since she was abandoned. Nanu was confused, scared, and concerned about who the couple were. The couple was also confused, but mainly on Nanu's bunny characteristics. Nanu acted as if she never saw humans without any animal-like traits before.

The couple, Hosona and Orein, took Nanu into their care as their own kid. Asides from the pink hair and bunny features, she looked like a miracle to them despite her not being her biological child. Nanu at first was distant from the two since she was still scared of them. As time passed by, Nanu became attached to the two. She learned to open up more and became more comfortable around them. It was as if they were her actual parents. The idea of the couple being her actual parents stood in her mind for a while. It was like a lie that Nanu kept telling herself to the point where she actually believed it. But it wouldn't be long until she realize her lie wasn't the truth and was just a coping mechanism to hide the fact that she was abandoned.

Nanu faced a lot of discrimination whenever she was out in public. Other humans would give her a look of confusion or just laugh at her, thinking that she was in a costume. She couldn't help but cry every time she was laughed at, given that she was a very sensitive child back then. Even when she was put in school, she was still harassed. It was to the point where Nanu was taken out of the school and was kept at home for homeschooling. It wasn't something the couple wanted for her, but it was the best option for her health and safety.

When Nanu was ten, her father began teaching her martial arts and swordsmanship. He was a professional at both, so he was versatile. She wasn't a pro like her father since she just started, but as she got older and older, Nanu fell in love with fighting despite wanting to be peaceful. She was taught to fight only when necessary and never kill for fun. The thought of actually killing someone was cool to Nanu, but she respected her father's demands. Every day after being homeschooled she would train with her father, showing improvements day by day.

Now twenty, Nanu can consider herself as a strong willed fighter. She wants to live life for the fullest, but also had two goals: to not only make a name for herself in this world, but to also search for her biological parents.

Family:Hosona - Adoptive Mother,  Orein - Adoptive Father


- Health: 5
- Stamina: 5
- Speed: 6
- Ki Manipulation: 5
- Martial Arts: 4
Ki Pool: 200
Alignment: Neutral
Other Characters: None
Referral: Ad on Fallen Blades

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PostSubject: Re: Nanu   Nanu I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 31, 2018 5:35 pm

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