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 Travel Rules

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PostSubject: Travel Rules   Travel Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 29, 2017 8:17 pm

Travel Rules

Understanding players will desire to travel around the Universe we have created rather simple rules for traveling.

Traveling on Planet: If a player is traveling to a new location on Planet then they must post a travel thread consisting of 500 words, this may be altered by some items (Ex: Nimbus Cloud would change this)

Traveling off Planet: If a player chooses to travel off Planet without a spaceship then the character race must be able to breath in space, however this will require 1,000 words in a travel thread. If the player is not able to breath in space then a spaceship is required, also spaceships have different word counts based on the ship itself.

Traveling in Groups: If a player gets 1 or more players to travel with them, then they are allowed to split the total word count between the members who wish to travel. One player is not allowed to post the whole thing and have others doing one-liners traveling with them, that is unfair to that player who worked hard giving others something to reply to.
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Travel Rules
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