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 Destructo Disc

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PostSubject: Destructo Disc   Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:58 pm

Name: Destructo Disc
Type: Alteration
Level: 2
Alignment: N/A
Range: 1 mile
Appearance: A whirling disc of energy, 1 meter in diameter, formed atop the user's hand.  The color of the technique is based on the user but tends to just be yellow.
Explanation: By focusing their Ki into a rotating disc above their hand, the user forms the Destructo Disc, then launches it their target.  While the Destructo disc has a relatively low power for techniques of its rank, it deals great damage to any solid form due to being able to unleash the full destructive potential of its rotation.  This causes its damage to be a solid 45. Costs 25 Ki

Word Count: 1000
Other Requirements: N/A
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Destructo Disc
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