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PostSubject: Testing   Testing I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 02, 2018 10:59 am

Testing the combat system as well as the stats.  Try to get lots of variety so we can test as many things as possible.  Multiple players may join to test more than just 2 races and race-specific techniques.

Speed: 30
Ki Manipulation: 25
Martial Arts: 10
Health: 10
Stamina: 25

Flying around the planet Namek, Fenrir knew exactly what he was looking for.  A scouting team had found an energy source somewhere on the planet, likely from a crashed spaceship from a more powerful species, and Fenrir intended to find it.  Based on the readings, it would be far superior to the one he was currently using for his Attack Ball, and he would likely be able to use a much larger ship with it, and you know how boys love showing off their big ol' ships.  Landing near the suspected crash site, Fenrir took note of the lack of animals nearby, likely scared off by the crash.  The only possible place he could think of for the ship to have landed was in a crater nearby, likely made in the crash, but he couldn't pinpoint exactly where in the ship the energy source was, so he would simply have to tear it apart to reveal the Energy Source, as he couldn't bother to waste time searching the ship.  Perhaps the best way to start this was to split it in half, like a nice little egg.  Pointing a single open hand at the remnants of the ship, Fenrir began to charge his Ki into his palm, preparing to launch a Ki Wave into the ship.  If the energy source was so great, he likely wouldn't do too much damage to it with this attack, and if he did, then it wasn't good enough for him to really care.  Grinning as he thought about whoever owned the ship, and could only hope they were alive inside so he could kill them himself.
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Testing Empty
PostSubject: Re: Testing   Testing I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 03, 2018 1:57 pm

Speed: 40
Ki Manipulation:
Martial Arts: 25
Health: 15
Stamina: 20

Keminan would click her tongue at her surroundings, she did not like namek in any way but still here she was offering protection to the dragon balls on the planet for it seemed a new and volatile race had emerged and attempted to cause a sort of ruckus, the forsaken were deployed and Keminan had only encountered three enemy's of moderate strength in a broken down ship, however they were not very strong and due to such quickly deafeated and left clinging for life inside a crumbling ship.

Ting, Ting

Keminan would stop and lift up her Analog Scoutwatch the cover opening allowing the hologram to be seen, there was something in the distance back where the others had been and from what it seemed this one was most likely the leader of the bunch much stronger than the others and it seemed with the spike of energy he was not pleased with the failure of his henchman, that was what Keminan thought anyway so she would turn around and begin running in that direction at 400 mph she was only a mile away so she would arrive in seconds before stopping and causing a small wave of dirt to arrive along with her. She would tap her scepter against the ground and begin scanning over the man before pulling out her analog once again to gauge his strengths.

"Hello there, i already killed your men; hopefully you will be a fun fight"

Keminan would begin bouncing on her feet in anticipation.
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