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Name: Majin
Home Planet: Scattered
History: Majin are gum-like humanoids that are generally fun loving and love to eat due to their larger appetites. Originally a peaceful race many Majins were inspired to become fighters and began studying the Martial Arts. Despite technically being Demons, Majins are for the most part good-natured though evil Majins do exist.
Majins are broken into two classes: Mighty Majin (the physical fighting class) and Wonder Majin (the spiritual class). Each class has certain techniques that only that class can learn.


Appearance: Their skin is typically pink but other colors such as red, yellow, green, blue and rarely grey have occurred.
Although Majins lack hair they are shown sporting their antennae and the body tissue on their head in ways resembling hairstyles. The number of antennae depends on the gender. Male Majins tend to have two to four antennae shaped like horns while the female ones have several that are stylized like hair.
Most male Majins are fat (but can slim down through training strenuously and dieting). Female Majins have a feminine bust and slender feminine body shape like that of Human women but can also have the pillowy marshmallow bodies.
As children, their height is 4ft and above. As adults, their height is 6ft and up but no taller without stretching or using a tech.
Unique Characteristics:
--One of the most interesting aspects of Majin is their amorphous, shape-changing bodies that allow them to easily mold their flesh, allowing them to effectively dodge attacks and also extend and enlarge their limbs similar to Namekians.
--The Majin diet consists mainly of candy and other sweets like cookies, ice cream, and pudding. Majins are capable of eating and enjoying other types of food and drinks, even poisonous ones which they can consume without suffering or dying from food poisoning. Due to their extremely strong digestive system, capable of filtering out poisonous substances.
However, they are susceptible and partially effected to Secret Poison and PP Candy respectively.

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