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 Trouble in the back alleys [Open][R]

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Trouble in the back alleys [Open][R] Empty
PostSubject: Trouble in the back alleys [Open][R]   Trouble in the back alleys [Open][R] I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 17, 2018 3:05 pm

The day was just beginning for Tysin, the moon was almost gone and the sun was beginning its slow rise into the sky. Rising early was a usual thing for him, now that he set a special schedule for himself. Tossing the blanket off of his half naked body, he sat up and put his feet on the cool dark oak wood floor. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Tysin stretched his limbs to wake up a bit more.

Rising from the bed fully, he began a series of stretches through yoga. It was something he picked up to keep him centered and calm. After almost an hour, he moved to the floor and counted out two hundred push ups. The first hundred he did with his right hand only, while the second set he used his left hand. Dropping to the ground on his stomach, he counted out another two hundred mountain climbers. When that was done he shifted and put his feet under the low frame of his bed and set out to do two hundred crunches. His morning routine always consisted of strength training. After a few hours of that, he dropped to the floor and began more stretches to cool down a bit and get his legs ready for his daily run.

After stretches, he dug through his dresser for a pair of silk basket ball type shorts to pull on over his dark boxers. Grabbing a blue muscle shirt, he pulled it over his well toned upper body. Slipping into his track shoes and ankle socks, he grabbed his mp3 player and strapped it to his right bicep. Pushing the ear buds into his ears, he grabbed his apartment keys and locked the door to his home.

Jogging down the stairs, he ran his fingers through his hair to make it look less like a bed head style. Closing the main door to his building, Tysin looked up and down the busy street while rock music played in his ears. Seeing all the other morning risers, he picked a path and started off jogging down the street. As he jogged, his blue eyes caught sight of shops that were just opening up for the day, along with people seemingly going to work or the market place to buy their goods. Getting out of the street, he hopped up to the side walk. Stopping for a moment, Tysin pulled off his sweaty muscle shirt and tucked it into the waistband of his shorts.

Sweat gleamed off of his well built body as the sun rose more into the sky. Starting his jog again, Tysin smirked at the fact ladies were eyeing him during his morning run. Speeding up his jog, he began to fully run through the city streets, with controlled breathing that he learned at his neighborhood dojo. As more of the city woke up, he had to weave through people who were starting to emerge from their homes and shops. Eventually he weaved enough that his feet lead him out of the main roads to back roads through the city that he had never traveled, by this time he had already ran three miles.

At one point, he found himself in a shadowed alley way where it didn't take him long to be surrounded by unfamiliar thugs that seemed like the type to do much harm to anyone who crossed their path. Pulling the ear buds out of his ears, he looped them through the vial tipped necklace he never took off. Looking at the bigger man of the group, he smirked slightly and asked in a slightly cocky manner, "Can I help you? Or are you going to continue to block my way."

The bigger guy smirked and looked at the other four he had with him. "I wouldn't be talking to us like that, we rule these streets and don't like trespassers here. Usually they wind up dead with a mouth like yours boy." At that Tysin chuckled and retorted back to him in a more cocky voice, "I'm not most people, I would suggest you get out of my way before I make you." The buriser laughed and the five men moved closer to him, keeping him surrounded. "Watch your tone with us boy. I don't like your attitude. Boys, let's teach this punk a lesson." The four men smirked and one threw a punch aimed at Tysins head. Feeling the contact, he took the punch and just laughed. Moving like lightening, he threw a series of rapid punches at the big guy in front of him, causing the guy to stumble backwards as he tried to get away from the fast and harmful punches. Now that there was room to maneuver, Tysin started on the other guys, sending one flying into a solid wall with a well placed roundhouse kick to the head.

After a few minutes, all but the big guy were on the ground either knocked out or nursing their wounds. A smirk lined Tysin's face as he stepped closer to the bigger man. "I will run wherever I damn well please. You got that? If you think you can tell me what to do again, I will not go easy on you or your so called boys. Now get the fuck out of my way bitch or I will make you. I won't tell you again."

[900 words]
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Trouble in the back alleys [Open][R]
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