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 Spaceship Creation

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PostSubject: Spaceship Creation   Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:59 pm

Spaceship Creation

Spaceships are something players may wish to purchase in order to travel around the galaxy to explore or maybe the'll build an army allowing them to do the traveling. Spaceships can vary in many ways, price is based on 2 things,
how many modifications a spaceship has and how fast the spaceship is. For every modification the spaceship costs 500 Zeni, and for every 100 words it knocks off travel time it's worth 500 additional Zeni.

Name: What is the name of the spaceship?
Appearance: What does your ship look like?
Modifications: Does your ship include any special things?
Travel Time: How many words are required to travel?

Cost: How much zeni does the ship cost?
Requirements: Does it require anything special? (Race Specific? Character Specific? Etc..)

[color=#FF9933]Travel Time:[/color]

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Spaceship Creation
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